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Sonal Panse,
  • How to Become an Artist

    Do you want to become an artist? This article offers some useful tips and suggestions for becoming an artist. Both theoretical and practical knowledge is essential, with the balance tilting, perhaps, towards the practical side.

  • How to Stay Motivated as an Artist

    Lack of motivation can be a major stumbling block in the creative life. Let's take a look at how artists might stay motivated in their artwork production.

  • Is Formal Education Necessary to Become an Artist?

    Is it possible to become a professional artist without undergoing any formal art training? There have been notable artists who have managed it. Can you?

  • What is Art?

    An attempt to understand what art is, from a personal viewpoint, of course. I happen to think that some level of skill is necessary for something to be art.

  • Art and Literature

    A look at the relation between art and literature and life. This was a speech I gave for the art students at my college L.S. Raheja School of Art.

  • Artists Need Discipline

    Creating art requires a disciplined approach. Successful artists are not lackadaisical about making art. They understand the importance of being consistent.

  • The Take on Art Theft

    A Thief is a Thief, but an Art Thief is classy.