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Content Marketing for YA Authors

Sonal Panse,

How Should YA Authors Approach Content Marketing?

Let me take a moment to point out that by 'you' and 'YA Authors', I, actually, am referring to myself.  I'm not a marketing expert, just someone that is trying to become well-informed. And, in this article, I'm trying to formulate a marketing approach that I can use myself. If it works for you – as in you you – please remember to thank me later from the world podium of fame.

So, to get back on topic, let's briefly look at why YA authors should bother with content marketing, if it hasn't been obvious already.

YA authors should consider content marketing as a way of making their writing and their books known to a wider audience. It is what is known as increasing your discoverability. Your content and therefore your name will be picked up by search engines and drive traffic to your website. And you will presumably have set the website up in a manner that will give your new audience an easy access to your books. Visitors should also be able to sign up for your newsletter. Do have a newsletter.

But what sort of content should you write?

This should be the easy part. You are the writer, you are accustomed to coming up with ideas. What can you come up with on the subject of YA?

Here are some YA topics that I came up with and which I will be writing on in the coming days -

From a writer's perspective -

  • Why do you write?
  • Did you always want to write?
  • Why do you write YA?
  • Why do you like writing YA?
  • Where do you get your inspiration and ideas?
  • How do you come up with story ideas?
  • What is unique about your stories?
  • What is unique about the characters you write?
  • What do you feel as a writer about affecting the world views of young readers with your work?
  • How do you make time to write?
  • How do you manage your writing time?
  • How long does it take you to write?
  • How many revisions and edits do you generally do?
  • How do you publish your book?
  • How do you market your book once you have published it?
  • How do you use social media to publicize your book?
  • Do you use content marketing and in what way?
  • What topics should YA authors write to make themselves more discoverable?

From a reader's perspective -

  • Why are you a reader?
  • When did you begin to read?
  • Who taught you to read?
  • What do you like most about reading?
  • Why do you like reading YA?
  • What are some of your favorite books and why?
  • Who are your favorite characters, male and female, and why?
  • What do you think you have gained by reading YA?
  • How much do you think your world view has been affected or changed by reading YA?

From a general perspective -

  • Does reading YA shape the world views of young readers?
  • The need for strong role models, male and female, in YA.

Should you write for prospective readers or other writers? The answer, as should be evident from the above list, is both. Prospective readers can be interested in your take on the writing process, and other writers are often enough readers themselves and have their own readers that could become your readers as well.

While writing for an audience is the main theme of content marketing, you also need to write for yourself if you are going to produce content that is unique to you. Be honest. Be real. Be relatable.

Content Marketing is Not Just About Written Content

You can start off with written content and then re-purpose it in various ways -

  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Slideshows