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Sonal Panse,
  • Let's take a brief look at some of the things to consider when planning illustrations for a children's picture book.

  • Sketching daily is necessary for developing art and creative skills. Back in art college, this necessity wasn’t as appreciated as it ought to have been.

  • Do you need to hire an illustrator for your business? Let's look at how to find an illustrator and how to commission illustrations that best suit your purpose.

  • Starting out as an illustrator? Great! It's wonderfully satisfying work. Here are some suggestions you might find useful for launching your illustration career.

  • A basic description of my illustration process. I may not always follow it exactly, but quite often I do.

  • A trip down memory lane and how I discovered that it was possible to take up illustration as a career.

  • We Don't Do It. For A Very Good and Valid Reason: We Like to be Paid for Our Work, Our Skill, and Our Time.

  • An effective portfolio is necessary to succeed as an illustrator, but what makes a portfolio effective and how do you go about creating one? Let's take a look.