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Understanding Your Industry: What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate

Sonal Panse,

Want to take your online business from middling to splendidly successful? Work on your landing page conversion rates.

Landing pages are crucial in online marketing for conveying the intrinsic value of the website, instilling trust in its content, and persuading visitors to sign up for its newsletters, register for its webinar, buy its products, and more. By generating traffic to your landing pages, you can increase your chances of creating leads and converting them to customers.

To do this well, you must know the rate of conversion.

Your landing page conversion rate is an important metric for tracking how many visitors respond to your call to action. With it, you can gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaign as well as that of the product/lead magnet you are offering.

What is a good landing page conversion rate?

The Unbounce team, which analyzed landing pages with over 745 million visitors across ten different industries, found them to have an average conversion rate of 4.02%.

However, landing page conversion rates are highly subjective and will vary widely depending on your industry and various factors related to it. So, it doesn’t make sense taking an industry-wide average conversion rate as your benchmark of comparison. For instance, if you are in the footwear industry, you will be doing yourself a disservice by comparing your conversion rate with that of a company in the agriculture sector.

Instead, restrict your comparisons with companies in your industry.

And, even then, keep in mind that several other factors can affect your landing page conversion rates. These might include:

    • The type of products and services on offer

    • Any available discounts and free resources

    • The time of the year

    • The state of the economy

    • The target audience’s requirement

So, use your industry benchmark as a baseline for a good landing page conversion rate, but keep your expectations reasonable.

How to improve your landing page conversion rate?

Improving your landing page conversion rates can translate to more qualified leads and better sales. To achieve this success, you will need to do the following:

    • Calculate your current conversion rate. For this, divide the total number of conversions by the total number of visitors. Then multiply the remainder with 100 to get the exact percentage.

    • Compare your current conversion rate with the industry benchmark and set an achievable goal for growth in the next 30 days, six months, or year.

    • Understand your target audience’s psychology, needs, and buying habits.

    • Design the landing pages to convey value, reduce risk, leverage scarcity, and remove distractions.

    • Write concise content with urgency-promoting keywords.

    • Use attention-grabbing colors, fonts, and buttons.

    • Keep form fields to a minimum.

    • Run A/B tests to find the best landing page versions.

    • Refer to a CRO guide to refine your marketing strategies and take pointers from what your competitors are doing right.

By consistently testing and modifying the landing pages, you can find what your target audience likes and achieve better business results.