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Using SEO in Your Online Writing

Sonal Panse,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used for making your website more search-engine friendly. There is a greater chance of your site being found and visited if it features content with the specific terms and keywords that people are most likely to use when they carry out a search on that particular topic. However, an inclusion of the right keywords in itself is not enough, the content also has to be well-written and engaging. It is important not to lose sight of this fact.

Ideally, the SEO keywords ought to be used as a starting base for your article. Think of them as building blocks that you would use in crafting your work, but they should blend in effortlessly, not be stuffed in with such ponderous liberality that, forget the search engines, even the readers can't miss noticing them in every second sentence. Unless it is your specific intention to detract from the reading experience, do use moderation.

You want to be found, yes, but not so that you can be put on a 'never again' list.

Let's think of this in terms of shopping. Have you ever approached a stall, attracted by its bold, bright banner, and then found nothing there to interest you? Consider this even if it never happened to you. What are you likely to do in such a situation? You might linger a bit, so as not to hurt the seller's feelings, but, most likely, you will walk away and not come back. It is an even easier choice online where there is no face to face interaction.

Is that what you want for your site?

Or would you rather have people linger and interact with you? In which case, there has to be something in it for them.

So, instead of focusing just on getting all the keywords in your door, pay attention to the quality of the writing. Is it informative? Is it interesting? Is it lucid, grammatically correct, and well-presented?

For many visitors, your website will be the first mode of contact with you, and it is the content they find there that will give them an idea of your personality, your capability, and your business. It is the content – apart from their own needs, of course - that will make them decide if they want to associate with you further. By using search engine optimization in the right way, you can give them reason enough to think they ought to.