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Children's Picture Books - Early Learning Series

Learn To Read The Alphabet

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Is your preschooler ready to learn the ABCs? This wonderful picture book offers young English language learners a charming introduction to the basic concepts of the alphabet.

Each page displays a letter of the alphabet in the upper case and the lower case, and there are seven water-color illustrations showing people, animals, and things that begin with that particular letter.

Each illustration is labeled with its respective name, which can be enlarged via pop-up. This can help your child see how the various letters can be written to form specific words, and it is also a good way of expanding his or her vocabulary.

The chart at the end of the book, showing the upper case and lower case letters, will be handy in reading the alphabet in sequence.

Illustrations by Sonal Panse.

Typography by Kadambini Panse.

Published by Maysun In C.

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